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Grin Health Memory Foam Orthopaedic Backrest Cushion (Sky Blue)

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  • SUPPORT MID BACK AND CORRECTS POSTURE – Ensures your body is correctly aligned with its contoured ergonomic shape-reduce back pain, back stress, Increase sitting comfort and back support.
  • CONTOURED, ERGONOMIC DESIGN SUPPORT – Orthopaedic design adapts perfectly to the shape of the body – S- shape, ensures the lumbar spine lordosis to be anatomically correct.
  • PREMIUM HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM – 100% pure memory foam provides better contour support and healthy rebound response.
  • FITS ANY SEAT – Comfortable individual sitting in office chair, in car or at home.
  • CURVE FITTING PRODUCTIVE THERAPY CURE – Purposely does not cover entire. The angle provided by the cushion leading to a good posture to prevent muscular strain and fatigue.

Product description

Color:Green: Mid Backrest  |  Size:40x40x8.5cm

Grin Health Ortho Mid Backrest Cushion with HIGH DENSITY Memory Foam.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Measures = 40x40x8.5cm (15.8″x15.8″x3.3″ Inch).
FOAM COMFORT LEVEL: Medium firm memory foam features balanced softness and comfort
COVER: Hollow breathable zipped 3D mesh fabric cover (machine washable)

– Ideal for office or computer desk users, in car or at home, travel.

It was ergonomically designed to support Mid-Back to be anatomically correct S Shape. It does not cover entire back.Therapeutic posture support allowing to sit at the optimal position when sitting for long periods of time.

We offer superior high density memory foam with 3 different firmness available soft, medium and extra firm, read i.e. Product disclaimer-Warranty details-Seller information.

– Ergonomic Therapy cure
– Curve Fitting Cushion
– Lightweight & portable
– Doesn’t flat even after longer use

● First, know that using for the 1st time can cause temporary discomfort/uncomfortableness, your body may need time to adjust and relax into the new posture that your grin health support provides.
● Many users experience immediate relief, and some require several weeks of regular use.
● Grin Health cushion will not cure your back pain, but it will support & relieve the pressures and strains caused by sitting that aggravate your underlying condition so you can be comfortable.

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