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3M Anti Pollution Filter for Converting AC into Air Purifier (White, 4 Packs)

With increasing constructions around the house, traffic pollution, and depleting greenery, Quality of air inside your home also becomes poor. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Indoor Air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The cleanliness regime like dusting, cleaning the house, regularly changing the linen & so on does not filter the invisible Pollutants inside the home. 3M AC Filter enables your air conditioners to remove PM2.5 and other Micro-Particle pollutants from the air inside your home so you can breathe in clean your air while you cool down. AC Mesh/Filter Present in AC doesn’t filter Invisible pollutants.

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  • Material: Non-Woven Fiber, Color: White
  • Item Dimension: 330mm x 2mm x 220mm
  • Package Contents: 8-Pieces Electrostatic Air Purifying Filters
  • No warranty
  • Turn your AC into air purifier
  • Captures PM2.5 like household dust, smoke, chemicals, exhausts, pet dander
  • Proven to capture 83 percent PM2.5 from indoor air in just one hour of use, replace when the filter turns black for best results
  • Made with very delicate non-woven fiber composed of 90 percent air, only 10 percent fiber to ensure least effect on air flow and electrostatic charge on surface to pull unwanted particles from the air
  • Designed to cover around 80 percent surface of existing mesh of most models of ACs (to balance air flow and PM2.5 capture rate) – you may cut it smaller as per your AC size if you feel it is reducing air flow by large extent.

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